Composite fillings are what we use here at Sweet Water Dentistry, it is advisable to remember that a dentist is the only person who is qualified to make a decision regarding whether or not you require a filling. When you visit your dentist for your regular exam, he/she will look inside your mouth and use specially designed instruments that helps the dentist examine the surfaces of your teeth. If you have some damage, a filling is generally recommended. The area to be filled is numbed with a local anesthetic, so you will not feel the procedure. Most fillings take less than one hour and match your natural tooth color. In addition to looking natural, they may help save your tooth.

If a large portion of your tooth is damaged due to decay, a crack or a cavity you may need a cap or a crown to repair the damage. If the damage has affected the nerve of the tooth, you may need to have a root canal. If the dentist determines that your tooth can be repaired with a filling, he/she will use on of the fillings listed earlier after removing the cavity. Composite material is tooth colored filling material. Many people opt to have their old silver fillings replaced with composite fillings as well!