Dental Crowns


                    A crown is a "tooth-shaped" cap that is placed over a damaged tooth (root canals or extensive fillings). When a crown is permanently cemented on the damaged tooth, it completely  covers every visible part of the tooth to restore it shape and size, strength and improve its appearance! The crown procedure requires a shot of numbing medicine and another local anesthetic.. Once medications have worn off, patient may experience some sensitivity with temporary crown and/or sorness in gums. There are SO many different types of crowns made from many different materials. Dr. Greer uses porcelain to fabricate his crowns!

                         Sweet Water Dentistry is proud to offer same day IN HOUSE crown delivery because of his latest up-to-date dental crown technology, CEREC (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics). Which allows us to create, model, and design each crown in office!!  Crowns fabricated in house are often delivered same day, as log as time allows..

                        If you think you need a dental crown(s), call our office at (251) 210-2773 and schedule a New Patient Consultation.