Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings

Have you had your 6 month dental cleaning and exam yet this year? If not, give us a call at Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope AL to schedule your cleaning appointment today. We have a new patient special, which includes your cleaning, exam and X-rays, for $59.99 if you mention the special! It is important to attend your routine cleanings because getting your teeth professionally cleaned keeps your teeth and gums healthy. You need to get your teeth cleaned every 6 months to keep up with your oral health. 

During a routine cleaning, your hygienist will check your teeth for cavities and plaque as well as tartar. Bacteria grows on your teeth and becomes plaque. If you do not brush your teeth well enough, plaque will remain on your teeth and turn into tartar. Once this happens, you cannot remove tartar from your teeth simply just by brushing or flossing. Tartar has to be removed with a special dental instrument at the dental office. If you do not get regular cleanings, you may get cavities or tartar can build up and cause gum disease and other oral complications that can be expensive to fix. 
The hygienist will also check your gums during your cleaning. The hygienist will check your gums with a dental instrument that measures any deep pockets you may have in your gums. If your gums are healthy, you will not have any pockets. However, if your gums are not healthy, you will have deep pockets and this may be a sign of gum disease.  After checking your gums, the hygienist will then polish and floss your teeth. A prophy (cleaning) paste will be used to polish and remove stains and plaque on your teeth. This will make sure that your teeth are nice and clean! 
In between visits, you need to be sure that you take good care of your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing in the morning, at night and after every meal. If you have not already had your 6 month cleaning and check up with the dentist, come see us at Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL so that we can get you on the right track towards a healthy and beautiful smile!
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