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What is a root canal? A root canal is a dental procedure in which a dentist removes the root/nerve of a tooth that has been infected, and then seals the canals. A root canal is necessary if you have a tooth that has had decay reaching the nerve of your tooth. Swelling, redness, and pain are the most common signs of a tooth that is infected and in need of a root canal. The pulp of your tooth is the center of your tooth and is where the living connective tissue resides which is what gets infected when you have deep decay in a tooth. If this happens, redness, swelling, and pain can occur, and the pulp will need to be removed. Dr. Phillip Greer at Sweetwater Dentistry, located in Fairhope, Alabama, performs Root Canal Treatment for patients that are in need of this procedure. Visit our website for more information about Root Canals and the other services offered here at Sweetwater Dentistry. 

What happens during a root canal? During a root canal procedure, the dentist will use a drill to open up the tooth to the canals, which is where the pulp chamber lies. Once the dentist has access to the canals, he will then use different sizes of files to remove the infected nerve from the tooth. Once the infected nerve has been removed, the dentist will then disinfect the canals to ensure that all of the infection is gone. After that, the dentist will then seal the canals with a material called gutta percha. After the root canal treatment is complete, the dentist will then build your tooth back up, and a scan will be done in order to fabricate your new crown, which is made in house, usually the same day, here at Sweetwater Dentistry. If you have any questions about root canals, visit us here at Sweetwater Dentistry. We look forward to seeing your smile in our office soon!

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