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If you have a tooth that is decayed, and can't be fixed with just a simple filling, the best option for you may be a dental crown. Doctor Phillip Greer of Sweetwater Dentistry in Fairhope, AL offers same day, in office crowns made of beautiful full porcelain. Check out our website  for more information about us and the services we offer. What is a dental crown? A dental crown is a cover or "cap" made of porcelain that is fabricated and placed on top of a tooth that has lost its shape due to decay or chipping. Some patients even get crowns to change way their natural teeth are shaped or colored. Sometimes, fillings just aren't strong enough to restore a tooth, and a crown is the best option to restore a tooth back to its original shape and size. The wonderful thing about getting a crown done at Sweetwater dentistry is that you can leave the office the same day with your new crown! Here's how it works:

First, Dr. Greer will numb the area. Once it is confirmed that you are numb, the decay in your tooth will then be removed. Once all the decay is gone, a build up material will be placed to ensure that the tooth is a good foundation to receive the crown. Once the build up has been placed, an assistant will take digital impressions, which is another cool part of crowns at Sweetwater Dentistry. We use new age dental technology, called Cerac, which allows us to take digital impressions in order to design and fabricate your crown in office, the same day! It typically takes about an hour (per crown) to complete the crown making process. Once the crown has been made, we will permanently cement the crown into your mouth, and will make any adjustments necessary. If you or anyone you know thinks they may need a crown to restore a badly decayed tooth, look no further than Sweetwater Dentistry in Fairhope, Alabama. 

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