Your Powerful Guarantee


Your Powerful Guarantee


When you come to Sweet Water Dentistry, your mind should be at ease because you know you are in good hands. Our practice is proud of the quality of dentistry that we provide for you & your family. Our experience gives us the confidence to guarantee what we can do for you!


We Guarantee:

  • Our staff will treat you with respect & integrity
  • We will have the proper technology & instruments to do our job properly
  • That we will correct any of our dental work that you are not satisfied with
  • As a patient of Sweet Water Dentistry you will be the first to know when we offer new services & seasonal specials
  • Any crowns, dentures, etc. will be replaced free of charge within a year of placement for any reason related to defective workmanship
  • Any veneers or anterior porcelain crowns will be warranted against fracture or loss for 1 year, except for conditions involving bruxism, accidents, or extraneous situations.
  • Any denture or partial denture will be warranted for 1 year against breakage.


Your Responsibility:


  • Visit our office 2 times every 6 months for routine check ups!
  • Brush and floss twice daily
  • Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months

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