5 Reasons To Love Your Next Visit To Fairhope, AL

Good reasons to visit Fairhope, Alabama

Fairhope AL There are a host of great reasons to pay a visit to Fairhope AL, especially when it is off-season. If you enjoy the Gulf Coast, there are very few spots more scenic. This area features antebellum homes, a walkable and charming downtown alone with oak trees that line the streets. With an approximate population of around 17,000 Fairhope sits on top of bluffs which overlook Mobile bay. Here are a few more reasons you may want to choose this location as your next vacation destination.

1. Sunset Pointe Restaurant

  Many restaurants that offer outstanding views often serve up mediocre meals. This is definitely not true when it comes to sunset Pointe. This beautiful and breezy location directly on Fly Creek Marina offers an inventive, fun and fresh menu. One of the house favorites includes the Gulf Snapper Throats which is flavorful and rich cut that they grill and then serve with delectable garlic butter. They also make an outstanding version of gumbo, grouper “bights” and their famous kale salad served with fried-oysters.

2. Bike Riding

Fairhope is classified as a biking-town and features a variety or trails which wind through historical neighborhoods and along the coast line. You can either bring along your own bike or rent one in town. If you plan to stay at the Grand you can get a bike for free courtesy of the hotel.

3. Grand Hotel Marriot Resort

The Grand is currently undergoing a significant $32 million renovation which should be completed in the early part of spring in 2018. The reason this resort is so beloved and special by many generations of the Southerners has to do with its rich history. Built in the year 1847, this location served as the Confederate hospital in the Civil War. The military past of this hotel is honored to this day. They fire the ceremonial cannon each day at 4.00pm. In addition, the sunsets are hard to match and you can enjoy them from the long-fishing pier or from the brick paths which surround this property. 

4. Page And Palette

An author named Rick Bragg once wrote that you are unable to swing a cat without smacking serious-faced novelists in Fairhope and it makes perfect sense as to why this town features a fantastic bookstore. The Page and Palette is home to signed copies in regards to books from the local authors that include Fannie Flagg, Howell Raines, Winston Groom, Rick Bragg along with others. The knowledgeable and charming staff offers recommendation and advice on any type of book you are in search of. This is the perfect location to switch off your mobile, grab yourself a coffee and spend a relaxing afternoon reading or browsing.

5. Panini Pete’s 

Located in the center of downtown, this tiny café is regarded as the local institution. They offer perfect beignets that are delicious, flaky and light. If you prefer something savory, they serve fantastic paninis. Start off your day with a breakfast served under the large oak trees and go for a relaxing walk around town.

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