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Are you an avid soda drinker?  If so, here is somethings to keep in mind!


When you expose the teeth to soft drinks, even if it’s just for a short period of time, it can cause dental erosion.  Over time this leads to significant enamel loss.  If cutting soda out of your life completely is just never gonna happen, then consider at least one that may not be as bad! AL Robertsdale Dentist Near Me


Seek out a root beer product!  Root beer is non-carbonated and according to recent reports in General Dentistry, it does not contain the acid that is known for harming the teeth.  Often people opt for “diet” soda in an effort to curtail tooth damage that happens because of sugar in soda.  But diet drinks contain phosphoric acid/citric acid.  This still causes dental erosion.  Yes, it is less than their sugared counterparts. #downbythebay


When any soft drink is consumed, it will pose a risk to the health of your teeth.  If you limit your intake ton mealtime, you can help reduce erosion.  Also, the use of a straw will help the soda not make as much contact to the teeth. AL Robertsdale Dentist Near Me


Many people are shocked when they hear that many soft drinks contain anywhere from 9 to 12 teaspoons of sugar.  Another shocker?  The acidity level approaches that of battery acid!  Here is a great example:  one type of soda ranked 2.39 on the acid scale.  Battery acid was ranked at 1.0. #sweetwaterdentist


The bottom line is less is more!  Any soda contains enough acid to damage your teeth.  Everything should be done in moderation. 


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