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Healthy Dental Tips

Battle The Bacteria.  To rid the mouth of  bacteria, you must brush, floss and use a mouth rinse.  It doesn’t matter what you are battling; gum disease or cavities, the disease is caused by bacteria.  If you dont have enough time to floss during the day, improvise!  Carry dental picks in your car or grab a toothpick!  

Keep the Dental Appointments.  If you need a good visual, think about mold in your bathroom shower.  What is needed to make mold grow?  A dark, warm, and moist environment.  Your mouth is a perfect place, especially the gums!  The mouth is dark, warm…and saliva keeps it nice and moist.  When bacteria is left in there, it starts to eat and grow and become nasty.  Don’t miss those dental appointments!  You need all that nasty stuff cleaned out every six months! Alabama Daphne Dentist Near Me

Flossing Does Matter.  It is so important.  The teeth are round, not flat.  If they are touching, you aren’t reaching all the areas you need to, with just a toothbrush.  Brushing gets the outer surfaces—but it misses the sides.  Flossing does feel awkward to people, but practice makes perfect!  

White Teeth Aren’t Everything.  It’s a common joke among dental hygienists.  They tell a patient they have 16 cavities, but their response is “Do you do whitening?”.  Having model-white teeth is a cosmetic issue—-not a sign of superior oral health.  Having white teeth does not mean you have healthy teeth.  There are people out there with yellow or gray teeth who think their teeth are super unhealthy—but that’s not the case.  Teeth all have different shades—just like our skin or the whites in our eyes.  Alabama Daphne Dentist Near Me


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