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Tongue Issues


When the tongue is not in good shape, it makes tasks like speech and chewing difficult.  Most tongue problems can be avoided or controlled with dental hygiene, but there are some problems that may need medical treatment to help resolve them. 

The tongue is a complex organ of the body and it can develop a range of different conditions.  Some of these problems are:


Also known as “swollen tongue” can happen because of an allergic reaction to oral care products, medication, food, or even anxiety.  There is also a possibility for more ominous causes like acromegaly, amyloidosis, myxedema or Prader-Willi Syndrome. 


Tongue Pain

Discomfort can happen because of blisters, canker sores, injury, leukoplakia, diabetic neuropathy or mouth ulcers. 


Coated Tongue

This can happen because of oral hairy leukoplakia, poor hygiene, drinking too much coffee or tea, or tobacco use.  Having any of these issues can lead to difficulty with basic functions. 

Tongue-Related Problems  Alabama Teeth Whitening Dentist Fairhope

  1.  Difficulty Speaking

Speaking requires the tongue to change positions, depending on what sound is used.  The tongue needs to arch to the roof of the mouth for high vowel sounds like the “u” in Blue.  Low vowel sounds like the “a” in cat, require the tongue to lie flat in the mouth.  If the tongue is swollen or less agile, it can make speaking clearly very difficult. 

Tongue pain also can happen if when speaking, it comes into contact with different parts of the inner cheeks and gum tissue.  When pain affects that area of the tongue that touches those areas, it can make delivering a clear sound, hard.  Alabama Teeth Whitening Dentist Fairhope

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