Our staff members at Sweetwater Dentistry are devoted to making your appointments as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. We take great pride in our ability to provide you with optimal dental care designed for your unique needs and desires.While you are waiting, you have the opportunity to enjoy:

Tranquil waterfall

Fresh coffee or Water

Enjoyable satellite radio

State of the art technology

Water view


Outdoor waiting area

Sweetwater spring


Front porch rocking chairs


We pride ourselves on the different style environment we have here at our Dental Practice! Our top priority is our patients and making them feel at home, we try to create a dental oasis while you are here. Sitting in our patient rooms you will get the beautiful view of the backyard beach with pops of azaleas and green ferns. You may even get the chance to view some wildlife watching our bird feeder!  

As our patients lean back in the chair, you get the stunning view of the skylight. Not only do we have three rooms that over look our little piece of heaven, we also have an outdoor experience set up for your to enjoy right next to our cold water spring. We strive to make it the best experience with a dentist. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!