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Treating Oral Thrush



Thrush is easily passed from a nursing mother and her baby.  If there are any signs of thrush in the baby’s mouth or on the mother’s breasts, it should be seen and treated by a doctor as soon as possible.  Both mom and baby should be treated at the same time to prevent any further reinfections.  Treatment usually lasts one to two weeks after all symptoms are gone.  Breast feeding doesn’t have to stop, most courses of treatments are compatible with nursing. 

On of the most common treatments for baby are Nystatin oral drops.  A cream medication will be prescribed for mother’s breasts.  If the milk ducts are involved, an oral medication may be needed to reach that area. 


Preventing reinfection is key, so the following hygiene protocols may help to reduce the chances of a reoccurring thrush infection. 

  1.  Boil pacifiers and toys that the baby would have put their mouth on for 20 minutes every day.
  2. Replace all pacifiers and bottle nipples after one week of use.  Best Cosmetic Dentist AL Spanish Fort
  3. Boil all breast pump parts that would come in contact with breast milk for 20 minutes each day during treatment.  Throw away any damp breast pads.
  4. To kill any yeast on clothing, wash with bleach or vinegar.
  5. Wash hands often, especially after a diaper change.  Do not use antibacterial soap, this kills the good bacteria.
  6. Dry hands with a paper towel and discard after use.
  7. If the baby has a rash, avoid using wipes.  Instead use a warm wash cloth and water, apply a vinegar rinse.
  8. Let baby go without a diaper as much as possible.  Cloth diapers are best over disposables. Best Cosmetic Dentist AL Spanish Fort



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