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When your little one loses a baby tooth, you can do two things:  go all out with celebrations or keep it simple!  Whichever way you choose, the important thing to remember is to make it special!  Losing a tooth, especially a first tooth, is a big moment in their life!  Here are some great ways, big and small, to celebrate this significant moment!  Best Dentist Robertsdale AL

Simple Ways

  1.  Tooth Fairy time!  Little ones usually get quite excited about having some cash of their own to spend on a toy or candy!
  2.  Picture time!  Snap a picture of the new gap between the teeth!  Make a note of the date on the picture and if possible, print out a copy or two and stick in a frame or make an album.  #sweetwatersmile
  3.  Scrapbook time!  Make a note in their baby book or scrapbook.  Place a copy of the picture in it.  This is a great personal memento. 

Bigger Ways  #downbythebay

  1.  Make a delicious batch of tooth cupcakes!  No special tools needed to decorate these cute cupcakes.  Your little one will enjoy the joke about using their teeth to eat a tooth cupcake. Best Dentist Robertsdale AL
  2.  Have a crafting party!  Cut some cute foam shapes for your child and their friends.  Make personalized frames to hold pictures of their smiling faces and lost teeth.  Even if some of the friends have yet to lose a tooth, it’s bound to happen eventually! 
  3.  Special date time, like an amusement park or favorite restaurant is something fun to do to celebrate.  Take lots of pictures of them smiling and showing off that super cool gap between the teeth. 


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