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Jennifer Flach was a college junior when she noticed that her wisdom teeth were starting to cause her problems.  She remembers her other teeth started shifting around and were starting to undo some of the orthodontic work she had done in high school. #downbythebay

At the same time, her brother, who was two years younger and in college at the time, had no symptoms.  The family dentist said his wisdom teeth along with hers needed to come out.  They had back to back surgeries and recovered over spring break together.

Another patient, Patrick Grother was 26 when his dentist suggested he needed to have his wisdom teeth removed.  The wisdom teeth had already started to erupt on one side, but a flap on his gum still covered it.  The dentist advised him that food could get trapped there and infection was bound to happen. Patrick had the wisdom teeth taken out.  Best Dentist Spanish Fort AL

Some people are born without wisdom teeth.  Others have plenty of room in their mouths for the teeth.  But a lot of people like Jen and her brother, have them taking out as young adults. 

There are a few other reasons to have the wisdom teeth removed.  Best Dentist Spanish Fort AL

Sometimes wisdom teeth are blocked from coming in, often by bone or the other teeth.  Sometimes the teeth are tilted under the gum.  This is called “impacted” teeth. 

They could be causing pain, or not.  You could feel nothing for years.  Sometimes until the dentist sees them on the x-ray, you won’t even know they exist. 

#sweetwaterdentist Regular dental visits are important, especially during the teenager and early 20 years.  If you see your dentist often, they can use x-rays to follow progress of the wisdom teeth.  Any problems can be seen early. 


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