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Cosmetic Dentistry: What It Is And What It Can Do For You

Having a better smile can have a huge impact on yourself, especially your self-confidence.  This to better your smile are everywhere.   Look at your local grocery store aisle…….teeth whitening tools and products of all sorts!  Dentists now even offer a wide variety of cosmetic services.  So what exactly is cosmetic dentistry and can it really help you?  Lets take a look.


Cosmetic Dentistry is using dental work to improve the appearance of your mouth.  It doesn’t always help with function of your teeth, gums, or bite.  In some cases it can do both.  Cosmetic Dentistry is not an official field of dentistry, so always make sure your provider has a valid dental certificate.


When thinking of how to improve your smile, your immediate thought may go to whitening your not-so-white teeth.  But it can also do more!  It can repair your cracked or chipped tooth (or teeth), fill in the gaps of missing teeth, and also help teeth with root canals. 


Cosmetic Dentistry can include several services.  For teeth whitening, there is a powerful product, ZOOM, in your dentist’s office. 


There is also enamel shaping and contouring.  This involves a filing-like procedure to re-shape the teeth. Cosmetic Dentist Spanish Fort, AL


Veneers are considered cosmetic dentistry.  They are a thin layer of ceramic or composite resin tooth-colored material that is placed over your teeth to improve the color, shape, and size of the teeth. 


Bonding is also a way to improve the shape of your tooth by using a tooth-colored composite resin.  Cosmetic Dentist Spanish Fort, AL


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