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The Benefits Of Fluoride Treatments At Any Age


Why Fluoride Treatments?

You need to do what it takes to protect your smile for life.  And that involved Fluoride.  As a kid, it was routine to get fluoride treatments done at every dental cleaning.  Your dentist would either fill a mouth guard with a special fluoride gel, or brush some gel on the teeth before you left the dental office.  As an adult, fluoride treatments aren’t really a part of your appointments.  But, the truth is, there are benefits to getting fluoride treatments at any age. 


Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral.  The body uses it to surround the teeth providing a tough and strong protective layer.  Every time you take in fluoride with the things you eat, you loose fluoride through acids and sugars that break down the protective layer on the teeth. 


When you lose more than you take in, it will lead directly to tooth decay.  This is usually always the first symptom but more severe oral health problems can start to occur.  When left untreated, tooth decay can ruin the nice smile you have, cause terrible pain, and also compromise the rest of your health.  Having fluoride treatments done as part of your regular oral health regimen is a great way to steer clear of tooth decay. Cosmetic Dentistry Robertsdale AL


Another great way to look at adding fluoride to your daily routine or dental check ups is it can lower your dental bills!  Yes, adding fluoride at your dental check up is an added cost, but considered how much having  a cavity filled costs….or even worse, a root canal.  Not only is cost an issue, but think of all the added time you have to spend in the dental chair and office!  Cosmetic Dentistry Robertsdale AL


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