Daphne, AL Dental Extractions


Are you in pain or are in need of a tooth extraction? Things such as infection, decay, broken teeth, and over crowding are all reasons for someone to need a tooth extraction. If you feel that you have a tooth that needs to be extracted, Dr. Phillip Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry is the dentist to call! There are two types of dental extractions: simple and surgical. A simple extraction involves first loosening the gums around the tooth. Once the gums have been loosened, Dr. Greer will use forceps to grab the tooth and remove it. With a surgical extraction, the dentist will have to use a scalpel to make an incision in the gum tissue. This helps the dentist gain access to the tooth. Once that has been done, the tooth is then cut into smaller sections, and it is removed a small piece a a time. Feeling pressure during an extraction procedure is normal, but you should not experience any pain.

After your extraction is complete, you will receive extra gauze to take home with you as well as some at home care instructions for post extraction. It is important to follow these instructions so that you can avoid getting dry socket. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot is removed, which is there to protect the nerves and jawbone. If the blood clot is removed, your jawbone and nerves are exposed and this causes extreme discomfort. It is more common to get dry socket with wisdom tooth extractions, but following the post-extraction instructions given to you at your appointment should help prevent it.

The staff here at Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL strives to assist each patient with the best dental care for every dental need. We pride ourselves in offering the best dental service around. Call us today to schedule your appointment and make us your new dental home! 251.550.7770.

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