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Fillings are used to restore a damaged tooth.  Decay or a cavity, is when you usually hear the word “filling”.  A filling will restore the tooth back to it’s normal function and also helps to prevent further decay.  A filling will eliminate bacteria from entering the tooth.  There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the type of material for a filling.  Factors include extent of repair, allergies, where filling is located, and cost.  Daphne AL Family Dentist Near Me

Here are the types of fillings: #downbythebay

Composite Fillings:  Made from a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles.  It is made to match the color of the tooth.  This type of filling is used most often on the front of the teeth or anywhere that is visible.  It bonds directly to the tooth and reduces the amount of drilling needed. 

Amalgam Fillings:  Made from a mixture of metals; mercury and silver.  It will not match the color of the teeth.  This type of fillings is commonly used on the back teeth.  It is very strong and can last at least 10 years if not longer. Daphne AL Family Dentist Near Me

Gold Fillings:  Made from gold which is very durable.  It will last longer than any other type of filling.  Golf fillings to not match your teeth and are expensive.  A gold filling will cost six to ten times more than amalgam. 

Ceramic Fillings:  Made of porcelain and will be colored to match the tooth.  It looks very natural.  Ceramic fillings are more brittle than composite resin and break more easily.  It is more resistant to staining.  Usually expensive and can cost as much or more than gold fillings.  #sweetwaterdentist

Glass Lonomer:  Made from acrylic and fluoraluminosilicate, a component of glass.  It is very strong and used often with people who have a lot of decay in the part of the tooth that extends below the gum.  It also is a filling used for baby teeth. Daphne AL Family Dentist Near Me


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