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Getting A Dental Bridge In Fairhope AL




What Is A Dental Bridge?




Dental bridges are restorative pieces that are used to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. In the literal sense, it performs like a bridge does by filling in the gaps between teeth caused by a missing tooth.




It is crucial to replace a missing tooth or teeth for both oral health and general health reasons. When you are missing teeth, your smile and your ability to chew and bite are impacted. Your remaining teeth may also experience issues. Aside from replacing missing teeth, bridges can strengthen damaged teeth, enhance color, and improve the appearance of teeth. Bridges are one of the most popular options for teeth replacement. A dental bridge is a permanent restorative piece that is secured in the mouth using a dental cement. It is not like a partial denture; those can be removed and inserted easily.




Dr. Phillip Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry carefully numbs your mouth so that you do not experience any pain during a bridge implant. Once your mouth is sufficiently numb, the teeth on each side of your missing tooth are thoroughly prepped so your new bridge can be cemented in a comfortable manner. We then scan your mouth using a CERAC machine versus taking impressions. Lastly, the bridge is created in-house and then carefully inserted and cemented into your mouth.




Healthy, clean gums are a crucial part of successful bridge implants. Thoroughly brush, rinse, and floss your teeth at least twice per day. Keep any scheduled dentist appointments and get routine checkups to ensure your teeth are as healthy as possible.




If you are missing one or more teeth, you may be the ideal candidate for a dental bridge procedure. Come speak with SweetWater Dentistry's Dr. Phillip Greer in Fairhope, Alabama to learn more about this dental procedure.

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