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Here are some ways to improve your smile! 

Whitening:  If you want a whiter and brighter smile, there are several different teeth-whitening products you can try!  The options are either in-office or at-home bleaching.  Always look for products that contain the ADA Seal of Acceptance.  And before starting any whitening treatments, talk to your dentist.  They can tell you what, it any, whitening procedures will work for you! #downbythebay


Crowns:  This is a GREAT way to cover teeth that are discolored or even badly shaped.  A crown makes the tooth stronger and also improves the appearance.  Crowns are also used to attach bridges, protect any weak teeth or restore a tooth that is already broke. Dental Care Near Me Mobile AL


Veneers:  This is a thin shell that is made of tooth-colored materials.  It is designed to cover the front and side of teeth.  With a veneer it is necessary to remove a small amount of enamel from the tooth so that the veneer can fit over the tooth.  Your dentist will use a model of your mouth and the veneer will look like your natural teeth. #sweetwaterdentist


Bonding:  Not crazy about the way your teeth look?  Bonding can be your answer!  It can help restore the natural look of your teeth.  Bonding is a process where the dentist attaches (bonds) a material directly to the tooth.  The tooth enamel and the dentin are fused together with bonding materials like porcelain and resins to create a strong structure that even looks great! Dental Care Near Me Mobile AL


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