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When someone hears the term “root canal” it can strike fear.  No need to worry though!  Having a root canal is a safe and quite common procedure, and believe it or not, it is intended to relieve your pain, not cause it. #downbythebay

If you have tooth pain and think you may have root canal infection symptoms, you need to see your dentist as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the worse chance you have at the procedure being effective. Dental Care Robertsdale AL

Root Canal Myths

A dentist who specializes in root canals is an endodontist.  There are several myths surrounding this type of treatment, and we are here to debunk them!  Do you think it is painful?  If so, we offer pain management techniques, including anesthesia, as part of the treatment plan.  This makes removing any portion of the infected tooth as painless as possible.  You will most likely experience more pain if you do not have the tooth treated. #sweetwaterdentist

Do you think extracting the tooth altogether is the better option?  When your dentist and endodontist will advise you that keeping your natural tooth is ALWAYS the best option.  It will preserve your smile and avoid complicated dental work.  Having a root canal can keep your tooth functioning for the rest of your life. Dental Care Robertsdale AL

Is Your Tooth Infected?

Having an infection in your root canal will range in symptoms from mild to severe.  It can become more intense the longer you live with the discomfort.  Pain after eating hot or cold foods that last for around 30 seconds is one of the symptoms of an infected root canal.  Pain can also feel like constant throbbing or pressure, so eating and chewing might aggravate the tooth even more.


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