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Bad breath is very common.  Have you ever gotten that “not-so-fresh” feeling on a date?  Or maybe a job interview?  Or just hanging out with friends?  Don’t worry!  You aren’t alone!  Studies show that 50% of adults have struggled with bad breath, also known as halitosis, at some point in their life. Dentist Mobile AL


So what causes bad breath?  There are a number of reasons.  Some causes may be harmless, but sometimes bad breath can be a sign of something more serious. 



Our mouth has hundreds of different kinds of bacteria that naturally live in it.  The mouth is also a natural hothouse, allowing the bacteria to grow.  When you eat food, the bacteria feeds on the food that is left in the mouth.  It will leave a foul smelling waste product behind. #sweetwaterdentist


Dry Mouth

Feeling thirsty?  Your mouth may not be producing enough saliva.  Saliva is needed to wash out your mouth.  If you aren’t producing enough, your mouth isn’t getting cleaned like it should be.  Dry mouth can occur with certain types of medications, salivary gland problems or just by breathing through your mouth. 


Gum Disease

If your bad breath wont go away or you have a constant bad taste in your mouth, this could be a warning sign of advanced gum disease.  This is caused by the sticky bacteria called plaque.  Dentist Mobile AL



Coffee, onions, garlic…….the list of breath-offending foods is very long.  What you eat will affect the air you exhale. 



#downbythebay Smoking stains the teeth, gives bad breath and also puts you at risk for a HOST of health issues.  Tobacco will reduce your ability to taste food and it irritates the gum tissue.  A tobacco user is more likely to suffer from gum disease.  Smoking will also affect your sense of smell, so a smoker may not even know how their breath smells! 


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