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One of the most common dental procedures is tooth extraction.  It is often necessary to have a tooth removed for a number of reasons.  These include:

  •  Joint issues in the jaw
  •  Teeth shifting
  •  Damage to a tooth
  •  Baby teeth that do not fall out
  •  Wisdom Teeth (3rd molars) impacted
  •  Creating space for other teeth


Before Surgery

To prepare or surgery, a full medical and dental history is needed, along with a list of all medications you are taking.  This needs to include vitamins, supplements, over the counter drugs, and also any meds you are allergic to. 

An x-ray is needed to assess the best way to remove the tooth. 

Antibiotics may be given before or after surgery---all depending on how long the surgery lasts and if you have any medical conditions.


Day Of Surgery

Right before the surgeon begins, he or she will numb the area around the tooth that is to be extracted with a local anesthetic.  The affected tooth, jawbone and the surrounding gum will all be numbed.   

During the extraction process it is very common to feel pressure.  The affected tooth is usually rocked back and forth to loosen it for removal.  You should not feel pain, just pressure.  If for any reason you do feel pain, notify the oral surgeon right away so that they can administer more anesthetic. Fairhope Best Family Dentist AL


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.  Your dentist should be willing to answer anything and also help you to feel as comfortable as possible.  Fairhope Best Family Dentist AL


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