Fairhope Dentist Plaque Buildup

Fairhope Dentist Plaque Buildup:


Many people neglect their teeth cleaning routine and do not realise that dental care is an important part of overall health. In order to be healthy, you must incorporate oral hygiene in your daily routine. If left unattended and not looked after, many health problems can occur such as cavities and gum disease.

Dental decay from a build-up of plaque is very common as it is difficult to see the plaque and often people do not give their teeth the attention they need to stay healthy. The bacteria within plaque, produces acidic substances that can erode the enamel on your teeth. Your saliva works in the mouth to neutralise the acid produced by bacteria however once the plaque has built-up it cannot penetrate through to carry out its job. Prevention is always better than the cure as once the plaque has built-up, it can lead to cavities in the surface of your teeth if not attended to.

As a Fairhpe dentist discussing plaque build up it is known that  normal brushing and flossing cannot remove plaque once you have let it build-up. The only option is to visit your Fairhope  dentist to get the plaque removed before it does more damage and leads to the potential loss of teeth. The benefit of a professional teeth clean by your dentist is that they can reach the parts between your teeth that your toothbrush can't get to.

There are two stages in the process of getting your plaque removed by your local dentist. Initially the dentist will clean away the plaque using specialised tools. This is also known as de-scaling. By using dental mirrors, it is possible for them to see every part of your teeth to ensure that no plaque is left. It is important to note that even good oral hygiene care can miss parts of teeth cleaning and still allow small amounts of plaque build-up so regular visits to your dentist should prevent this from happening. The second stage is then the polish. The dentist will polish your teeth using a buffer tool to smooth your teeth and help to prevent further bacteria settling in the small contours of your teeth. This is not painful and you will probably not even feel it as the nerves are deep within the tooth.

Teeth cleaning by your dentist is something that you should consider getting done every year. It is not expensive, sometimes free, and can prevent any gum diseases or further problems that can result from neglecting your teeth. Your dentist will advise you in how often you should get a teeth clean as it is different for each person as people with porous and rough teeth will be more susceptible to plaque build-up and will need it more regularly. Your diet can also play a role in how fast bacteria can build up on your teeth. Seeing the dentist is not something you should fear as many people do. This is perhaps because the majority of people leave it too late and then major corrections are required to reverse the damage you have done to your teeth.

Finding a dentist that you like and trust will make you feel more at ease and more likely to feel comfortable to make regular appointments and prevent oral hygiene problems.

So come see us your local Fairhope dentist off of scenic 98 to discuss any problems you maybe having! 

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