Fairhope dentist wisdom tooth extraction

Fairhope dentist wisdom tooth extraction:

You might be thinking what is so wisdom about our wisdom teeth when they can get us in so much trouble because of the pain. If you are currently suffering from this kind of pain, please do not hesitate to call your local Fairhope, AL dentist Dr. Phillip Greer.

Our wisdom teeth usually emerge while we are at the ages of 17 to 21 and these are the third set of molars that we get. To many people this can be the start of some serious tooth problems. Come see us in Fairhope, AL for a free consult on wisdom tooth extraction.

The extraction of the wisdom teeth depends on their position. If your wisdom tooth is completely erupted from the gum, then it would be much easier to remove it. The problem lies when the wisdom teeth are deeply rooted into the gum and is connected to the jawbone. What this means is that the dentist will have to cut through the gum and remove part of the jawbone connected to the tooth. While the last one may sound scary, do not worry because there is anesthesia for this procedure.

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