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Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Before Visiting the Dentist


You can be the most diligent person as far as your oral hygiene goes but even the most frequent flosser does forget every now and then.  You may not even think about the quality of your dental hygiene until that time comes for your scheduled dental visit.  You want your best smile put forward when you see the dentist.  Knowing how to get your teeth clean before the dental appointment will ensure you have the best checkup possible. 

Use these techniques and the dental staff will be impressed!

Proper Brushing

Brushing properly is not the same as brushing.  When done the right way it can give you much different results and clean teeth.  Just a quick once-over with your toothbrush won’t cut it.  The proper way: Family Dentist in Robertsdale AL

  1.  Toothpaste onto a soft-bristled brush. 
  2.  Toothbrush at 45-degree angle, beginning at the gumline.  Gently brush the gums back and forth, moving up the surface of the teeth.
  3.   First the outside of the teeth, and then the backsides.
  4.   Target the front of the teeth by brushing vertically.
  5.   Reach back and brush all sides of each of the molars.  Get all the way back! 


Once you’ve finished brushing, make sure to take the time to floss.  Brushing is great and can’t be skipped, but it can still leave food particles and plaque stuck in the small spaces between the teeth.  If you are unsure of how to floss, find a great youtube video that can teach you step by step.  Family Dentist in Robertsdale AL


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