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Cavities usually occur when a tooth begins to decay. It is possible that you may lose your tooth at the end if you don't visit the dentist before the cavity worsens. The majority of cavities can be filled when detected early on. There are many materials that are used for such fillings, but Dr. Phillip Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry does tooth colored, composite fillings.

Composite is a tooth colored filling material that blends perfectly with the natural color of your teeth, and they are quite durable. The best thing about composite fillings is that they look almost invisible on your teeth. Dr. Greer uses a color shade guide to choosing the best composite filling to match the color of your natural teeth. It will help improve your overall looks and smile. In fact, no one will be able to tell that you had a cavity. This is why you need to go for a composite filling if you value your smile.

Although silver and gold fillings were popular in the past, tooth-colored composite fillings are quite popular these days. In addition to having a composite filling replace a cavity, most people are replacing their gold and silver fillings with composite fillings. This helps create a natural looking smile. Composite fillings are quite easy to install and will bond seamlessly with your natural teeth. A special light is used to cure the material almost immediately. In fact, the filling is completely cured even before you leave the dental clinic. This means that you can eat and drink as soon as your numbing wears off, no need to wait for material to dry or harden.

The aforementioned article provides information on the numerous benefits of composite fillings. Composite fillings improve your smile and looks. They are also long-lasting and durable at the same time. You need to get a composite filling if you really care for your smile. Contact Dr. PhilLip Greer of Sweet Water Dentistry in Fairhope, AL to schedule an appointment today!

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