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Key Facts About Composite Filling Material

Tooth decay usually leads to the development of cavities. Cavities are caused by a lack of oral hygiene in many cases, and it is possible to loose teeth if the cavity gets too deep. Fortunately, most cavities can receive fillings if caught at an early stage. Sweet Water Dentistry's Dr. Philip Greer uses composite filling material. Composite fillings are ideal because they blend seamlessly with the natural color of teeth and offer a tremendous level of strength. In fact, they are essentially invisible to the naked eye. When it comes time to create a filling, Dr. Greer will use a color matching guide in order to select just the right composite material to match your existing teeth. Your appearance will benefit, as will the overall health of your teeth. Your filling will be undetectable to others, making composite fillings an ideal choice!

In years gone by, other filling materials were commonly used, but nowadays, tooth-matched composite materials are gaining tremendous popularity. Not only are people having new cavities filled with composite materials, they are also having old metal fillings replaced with them. The result is a much more natural effect which blends perfectly with all other teeth. Special light tools are used in order to harden the composite materials instantaneously, allowing the filling process to be completed with ease in the dental office.

The benefits of composite dental fillings are innumerable, and anyone who finds themselves confronted by a cavity should give this new type of procedure a try. Those with existing metal fillings they find unsightly may also wish to consider having them replaced with composite material which offers patients the opportunity to smile with complete confidence. Dr. Philip Greer at Sweet Water Dentistry is happy to provide further information to anyone interested in learning more about getting fillings.

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