Finding The Right Dentist For Your Needs in  The Small Town of Fairhope, Alabama

Fairhope, Alabama is a small town, with only at least 15,000 residents. It was named best Southern small town by the Southern Living magazine, and they claim that it is a town that is easy to fall in love with. Many sceneries are found in this small town, and they promise to give your eyes and your soul a delight of pleasure and calmness. 

One more thing that’s delightful in this town is its people. People who reside in Fairhope are charming, generous, and very nice. It wouldn’t be hard to ask around for any help because people would always want to help you, and if they need to go out of their way just to extend a hand, they would. Service providers in Fairhope are also known to be extra friendly and provide excellent service, that’s why people all over Baldwin County travel the extra distance just to experience and stay loyal to the service Fairhope providers bring to their customers.

One great example is the famous dental clinic by the bay of Fairhope. Sweet Water Dentistry. This clinic is not your usual dental clinic with white walls and buys streets surrounding its building. This clinic promises tranquility and a relaxing space, with expansive windows with the view of serene trees and landscaping.

The clinic of Sweet Water Dentistry is headed by Dr. Philip Greer. His experience in providing dental care has been extensive honing his skills in school for many years, gaining accomplishments and serving on mission fields after graduating. He also received additional training in laser technology. He has devoted his career to serving other people, and up to now, that’s still his mission.

Sweet Water Dentistry offers a full-range of dental services, here are some of their services:
•    Cleaning - maintenance to avoid tooth decay and the buildup of plaque
•    Fillings - to restore teeth with cavities composite fillings have a natural tooth color so your teeth would be like new again
•    Root Canal -minor dental surgery for teeth that need to be extracted with a possible    nerve damage
•    Crowns - tooth-shaped cap that is permanently placed over the tooth to protect it from further damage
•    Dentures the creation of replacement teeth 

Dr. Greene has also been famous to work with children. Clients have been over the moon about how he handles his children patients saying that he’s very good with children and that their children love him very much. He has taken away their children’s fears of the dentist and tools and foreign objects in their mouths.

Aside from these dental services, they offer different amenities at their clinic. Making their clinic one-of-a-kind. Such amenities are:
•    Front porch rocking chairs
•    Sweetwater spring
•    Outdoor waiting area
•    Water view
•    Skylights
•    Tranquil Waterfall
•    Hammock

This clinic is really not your usual type of clinic where you need to wait at a white-walled waiting area, with the television as white noise as you read the magazines available on the coffee table. In this clinic, you get to relax in the hammock and enjoy the scenic views while waiting for your name to be called.

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