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Did you know that your digestive health will affect your teeth?  If you have frequent upset stomach issues it can cause the protective enamel to be gradually worn away.  This will affect the appearance of the teeth and also open the door for harmful bacteria to creep in and cause cavities.  Foley AL Dentist Near Me

So how does stomach issues affect the teeth?  Well, your stomach produces acid naturally.  This is what helps your body to digest food.  However, sometimes the acid travels up the throat and into the mouth.  This is especially true after a larger meal has been eaten.  Usually our saliva rebalances the acid levels in the mouth and everything is fine.  But if someone suffers from gastroesophageal reflux, also called acid reflux or GERD, these acids reach the mouth throughout the day.  This is damaging, especially when you are asleep.  You are swallowing less and also producing less saliva. 

Another concern is dry mouth.  This is caused by many acid reflux medications.  Saliva helps to neutralize acids and also washes away food particles and reduces bacteria that attacks the enamel.  So when there is a lower saliva level, it increases your chance for cavities. Foley AL Dentist Near Me

Acid reflux will wear away the enamel on the inside surface of the teeth and also the chewing surfaces.  Your dentist can notice this during and exam.  Tooth erosion is permanent, so if you are seeing the enamel being worn away, you may experience these issues: #downbythebay

  • Pain/sensitivity
  • Yellow discoloration of the teeth
  • Fillings are changing
  • Cavities become a greater risk
  • In extreme cases, abscess can develop  #sweetwaterdentist
  • Tooth loss, also happens in extreme cases

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