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After a year, two or maybe even three of orthodontic treatment, the big day is finally here!  It’s time to get the braces off of your teen’s teeth.  While there is a lot of excitement to saying goodbye to the braces or Invisalign, there probably is a lot of questions about the process and what life will be like after they are removed. 

As a parent, you want to know what to do to help during the removal process and also to make sure your kid is going to take care of their teeth…..especially after you have invested so much time and money in them!  Here are some common questions and answers about the whole process!  Kid Friendly Dentist Mobile AL

How long does it take to remove the braces?

#downbythebay Braces have to be worn for several months, if not years, but the process of taking the braces off isn’t that long or complicated.  They are usually taken off in a single appointment and removal takes about one hour.  During the removal, the brackets are clipped and a scraper/polisher is used to remove the glue from the teeth.  It doesn’t hurt, but pressure can be felt.  If Invisalign is used instead of braces, the process is a simple swap out for a permanent retainer! Kid Friendly Dentist Mobile AL

Will the braces damage my teeth?

#sweetwaterdentist The braces do not cause permanent damage to the teeth, but a few things can make the teeth look a little worse after they are removed.  For example, white spots.  The spots are due to plaque buildup on the teeth that change the color of the enamel.  The good news is that the spots can be treated! 


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