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If kids are in the picture in your home, you probably have gone into their bathroom and found toothpaste everywhere.  It is sticky and hard to clean up, and sometimes you’d rather just not have to deal with the mess.  #sweetwaterdentist About the only thing you can do is squeeze the toothpaste for them!  One of the best things for kids is to invest in a toothpaste holder for a drawer or cabinet.  This can help cut down on all the mess!  Mobile AL Best Cosmetic Dentist Near Me

A great place to find things like this is just at your local dollar store.  Find a small basket.  Choose a flat one so the drawer or cabinet door can close, but make sure its long enough to hold a tube of toothpaste. #downbythebay

If more than one toothbrush is kept in the basket, make sure to cover each toothbrush with a plastic bristle holder.  This will prevent germs from moving from one toothbrush to the next.  Make sure the holder is cleaned often by running it under hot soapy water.  It may be smart to have 2 baskets to rotate them out! Mobile AL Best Cosmetic Dentist Near Me

While all of this is a great way to cut down on all the mess, the best thing to do is to teach your kids how to properly dispense toothpaste.  This will help keep things neat and tidy, and all cut down on toothpaste waste. Mobile AL Best Cosmetic Dentist Near Me  Help the squeeze the tube, starting at the bottom.  Squeezing in the middle only causes problems!  Show them the proper amount to use (the size of a pea).


Happy brushing!


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