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If you need a crown and  have damaged teeth look no futher than your local dentist in Fairhope, AL. Damaged teeth  they can be restored with crown that can be used change the shape, appearance color and function.

Crowns are used cap teeth that have root canals, or extensive filling. There are different types of crowns that are made from different materials and one of the popular materials is porcelain. The Dentist will normally suggest the right material for your needs, which will depend on the tooth that should be restored.

Porcelain is one of the popular materials, because it resembles the tooth enamel, and provides a natural look. However, the porcelain crown is often not the easiest material to work with. Porcelain crowns are usually more brittle than metal and may chip easier, and your porcelain crown dentist will usually use them on back teeth.

The porcelain crown dentist may use the composite Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, as they also look natural and are much stronger than the porcelain or composite crowns. They are more resistant to chipping than either the porcelain or the ceramic crowns. However, depending on their design, the metal may show if your gums are thin or shrink.

Placement of the crown can be both restorative as well as protective, and will normally be performed by the porcelain crown dentist, and involves a few important steps.

The procedure is usually performed under a local anesthetic. Before the placing the crown, the tooth is gently buffed, and an impression made. The impression will include the surrounding the teeth. The impression will be used to make the porcelain crown. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth, while the porcelain crown is made.

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