One day dental crowns Fairhope, Al


One day dental crowns Fairhope, AL:


If you are looking for a dentist for crowns in one day in Fairhope, AL that is using the latest technology look no further than SweetWater Dentistry! Dr. Phillip Greer is using the most advanced methods here in Fairhope, AL. To build your new crowns and bridges we are using a Cerec machine. CEREC stands for Chair side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or Ceramic Reconstruction. It is a popular dental restoration system that uses advanced technology to allow dentists to design and create new restorative dental items, such as veneers or crowns, in a relatively short amount of time. This article takes a look into the CEREC system and what its benefits are, and it also explains how to go about finding a dental practitioner who uses the CEREC system. The CEREC system features a number of computer-assisted technologies, including 3D photography along with CAD/CAM.

The first step is the dentist will use the machine to take a 3D image of the teeth. This image is then converted using proprietary and 3D CAD software to make a more refined model of the teeth, along with a 3D model of the type of restoration item that is required. Once this step has been completed the data collected is sent wirelessly to a special milling unit. The milling unit is able to create the restoration from a block of material (typically ceramic or composite block) using special diamond burs.

The milling unit is ready to be applied onto the tooth has made once the restorative dental item. The dentist will prepare it by using the appropriate bonding resin, and then affix it onto the problem tooth.

If you are looking to purchase a CEREC system, there are several different models available. A CEREC representative will be able to inform you about the differences in each model, and advise you on the best model for your needs. CEREC has many benefits over the old way of creating restorative dental items. The main benefit is the speed at which a patient can be treated. CERAC will allow a patient to have their tooth restored in one single setting. The old method included a lengthy process which often required several sittings in order to hand make the restorative dental item. The CERAC systems can also receive technology updates, which allows them to continually create a larger range of restorative dental items. At the moment this includes crowns, inlays and veneers.

The system also gives incredible results to a very high degree of accuracy. This will allow you to have natural looking teeth and a beautiful smile.

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