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How Your Diet Affects Your Teeth


Everything you eat and everything you drink touches your teeth.  All of those choices will consistently impact the health of your teeth and gums.  The American diet, sugary processed foods and drinks and highly acidic foods can eat away at your tooth enamel and cause cavities.  It is important to eat healthy foods that promote oral health. 

This means choosing not to eat the sugary, sticky and acidic foods and drinks.  Replace it with a well-balanced diet that will boost your intake of nutrients, like calcium. 

SKIP SWEETS.  Cavities have been linked to those who eat a diet rich in sugary sticky foods along with having poor oral health habits, according to the ADA.  Limit sugary foods and drinks.  This doesn’t mean just candy, cookies, and cake.  Sodas and some sports and energy drinks are high in sugar as well.  There is also high amounts of sugar is some brands of spaghetti sauce, cereal and canned fruit.  Check the sugar content in everything you choose to eat and drink. Robertsdale AL Best Family Dentist

EAT NON-STICK FOODS.  Sticky foods like raisins, honey, molasses, bread, and potato chips can cling to the surface of your teeth and increase your risk of cavities.  If you eat them in moderation, and practice good oral health like brushing and flossing regularly, these foods are okay in small amounts. 

WATCH OUT FOR ACIDIC FOODS.  Eating fresh produce like orange and tomatoes are important for a healthy diet, citrus fruits and other types of fruit are acidic, and this affects your tooth enamel.  Eat these with a meal, instead of on their own.  This way, they are less likely to bring harm to your teeth.  Robertsdale AL Best Family Dentist


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