Root Canal Treatment Daphne AL

Root Canal Treatment for Kids

If you have had a trip to the dentist with your kiddo and your dentist has thrown out the word “root canal” or “endodontic” treatment, you may be wondering, why?  The term root canal means saving the tooth from bacterial infection or inflammation by removing the pulp in the center of the tooth.  Your child will lose their primary baby teeth, so you may wonder, what is the point of saving a tooth that they will lose anyway?

Here’s the thing, saving a baby tooth may be just as important as saving an adult tooth.  When losing a baby tooth to early, it can interfere with chewing, speech development, and most importantly, the alignment of newly developing permanent teeth.  Each baby tooth hold the space open for the permanent tooth.  All teeth do not fall out at the same time, so if there is a gap to early, the remaining teeth will start to shift and fill that gap.  If this happens, then it will affect the alignment of the permanent teeth. 

Sometimes a root canal is also recommended to treat a recently erupted permanent tooth that has had pulp damage. Root Canal Treatment Daphne AL


All teeth, whether they are the baby teeth or adult teeth, have an exterior protective coating of enamel, which is the hardest substance in the human body.  If deep decay from cavities or trauma happens, it can damage the interior pulp.  The pulp is located in the middle of the tooth, and branches through passageways called canals.  The canals extend into the tooth’s roots.  Root Canal Treatment Daphne AL


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