Root Canal Treatment Fairhope AL

Diagnosing A Root Canal in a Child

A pediatric dentist, endodontists, and a general dentist that has additional training can perform root canal treatments with children.  During the initial exam, the dentist will review your child’s medical history and also assess the pain.  If the tooth responds to stimuli, like hot or cold, sweet or acidic foods, or impact with other foods, these are all possible causes for root canal treatment.  Spontaneous and unprovoked, constant throbbing pain usually will indicate extensive pulp damage.  Infections can travel out of the root tip and into the surrounding jawbone.  This can form an abscess and trigger secondary pain. 

X-rays will be needed to help visualize what is happening inside the tooth. 

Having a root canal treatment will usually be an in-office procedure that is performed under local anesthesia.  This will completely numb the affected tooth. 

Before the root canal therapy starts, the dentist will place a rubber “dam” around the tooth. This isolates it from the rest of the mouth to prevent contamination.  The dentist will then use a miniature drill to create a tiny opening in the tooth, so that there is access to the pulp.  Using a small instrument, the dentist will remove all the diseased pulp tissue from the entire length of the root canals and pulp chamber.  Disinfecting with antiseptic and antibacterial solution happens next.  The cleaned out space is then filled with gutta-percha, a rubber-like, natural material.  After that, the final step is to seal the access hole that was made to reach the pulp. Root Canal Treatment Fairhope AL

After the root canal has been done, a crown or other restoration material will be applied.  This seals the tooth and helps prevent more decay. 

The best way to prevent pulp damage is by helping kids to keep their teeth healthy and protected.  All of this starts with good dental hygiene practices, visiting the dentist regularly, and using mouthguards while playing sports.  Root Canal Treatment Fairhope AL


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