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Dr. Phillip Greer, D.D.S.

Understanding Root Canals


Are your teeth sensitive to temperatures changes? Are your gums swollen and inflamed? Do you have tooth pain? If so, you may need a root canal. This procedure may be necessary if you want to save your tooth. 

A crack or a deep cavity can cause damage to the structure of the tooth. When this occurs, an infection may occur. If the infection reaches the nerves of the tooth, it can cause severe pain. A root canal can relieve pain and treat the infected tooth.  Many people dread the word root canal. However, at Sweet Water Dentistry, we make sure that each patient is relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. In the past, root canals took a long time and required numerous dental appointments. Because of the advances in dentistry, most root canals can be completed within a short amount of time!

Here is how a root canal works:

During a root canal, the dentist removes the infected nerves, cleans the tooth canals and seals each canal. Once the root canal is completed, the tooth will be scanned and a your crown will be made. It typically takes 1 to 1 1/2 hour(s) to make a crown. Once the crown is made, the dentist will cement it in. This will all be done in the same day! So no worries about making multiple appointments for one procedure.

Root canals should not be something that you fear. This procedure helps alleviate your dental pain and gets you back to living your life. The procedure can be done on the same day and will prevent further damage from occurring to your teeth and bone structures in your mouth. If you have a sensitive tooth, swollen gums or tooth pain, contact Dr. Phillip Greer at Sweet Water Dentistry, your Fairhope, AL dentist to schedule an appointment. 

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