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Pregnancy Granuloma is a growth on the gums that occurs during pregnancy in 2%-10% of women.  Pregnancy tumors are misnamed and are not actually tumors, and are not cancerous.  They are not dangerous, but can cause discomfort. Spanish Fort AL Best Family Dentist Near Me

These granulomas usually develop during the second trimester.  They are red nodules, found near the upper gum line, but can be found elsewhere.  These growths bleed easily and can form an ulcer or even crust over.  They are attached to the gum or mucous membrane by tissue. #sweetwaterdentist

Why these pregnancy granulomas occur is unknown, although poor oral hygiene is a primary factor.  Trauma, hormones, viruses and malformed blood vessels have also been suspected to cause these granulomas.  Women who usually suffer from these also have widespread pregnancy gingivitis. 

After the baby is born, granulomas will disappear.  If the growth interferes with speaking or eating, it may need to be removed before giving birth.  About half o the time, the growth may come back after it has been removed during pregnancy.  Spanish Fort AL Best Family Dentist Near Me

Tooth erosion is also a common problem during pregnancy.  When women experience severe morning sickness, frequent vomiting can erode the enamel on the back of the front teeth.  If vomiting happens often, #downbythebay contact your dentist for information on avoiding enamel erosion. 

After vomiting, do not brush right away.  The acid in the mouth only helps to erode the teeth as you brush.  Before you brush, rinse with a mix of baking soda and water or use a commercial rinse that is designed to reduce the acid level of the mouth. Spanish Fort AL Best Family Dentist Near Me


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