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Soda, Wine, Fruit Juice……..What Drinks Harm Your Teeth

What we eat can bring damage to our teeth, but what we drink also has a huge impact on your oral health.  When you drink, you are bathing your teeth in that beverage.  Some drinks are a hazard to your dental health, just like sweet treats like candy and chocolate. 

When it comes to your diet, there are two big threats to the health of your teeth: Sugar and Acid.  Sugar promotes bacteria growth and damages enamel.  Acid also harms the enamel.  Both are found in a lot of food and drinks. 

A consumer advisor for the American Dental Association says he won’t touch fruit juice.  It is high in sugar and can be acidic.  This includes smoothies!  Once the sugar hits the mouth, bacteria is effective and quick! Spanish Fort AL Best Family Dentist

Something else to think about is the sugar you add to your coffee or tea.  Adding sugar does more harm then the coffee or tea.  While they both can stain the teeth, they aren’t acidic enough to cause much damage.  To prevent staining, run a wet toothbrush over your teeth or at least rinse your mouth out with water after you have drank your beverage. 

Wine contains acid, but only excessive consumption puts your tooth enamel at risk.  Just like coffee and tea though, it can stain your teeth. 

All soda is bad for your teeth.  Some think it is just regular soda because of the high sugar content, but diet soda and diet sports drinks can cause some major damage because of the acid they contain. Spanish Fort AL Best Family Dentist


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