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Taking care of your teeth is the best way to maintain a bright smile.  Another way to keep that smile bright?  Watch what you eat and drink!  There are foods and beverages that discolor the teeth.  If you are wanting to keep those white teeth protected, take a look at some common culprits that stain the teeth.  Spanish Fort Best Family Dentist Near Me AL

Pasta Sauce

Tomatoes have high acidity.  They are bright red and cling to the teeth. The tomatoes in pasta sauce leave the teeth vulnerable to staining.  If you eat dark green veggies like broccoli, kale or spinach beforehand, they can create a protective film over the teeth.  This film will help keep the tomatoes from staining.  So make sure to eat a green salad for an appetizer! 


Curry is a spice that is used a lot in Indian food.  It is also a huge cause for discoloration.  Because curry has a deep pigmentation, it can yellow the teeth over time.  You may want to limit the use of curry in your diet.  If you dine on any curry-spiced food, make sure to mix in some fresh fruits or veggies that can help prevent stains; apples, carrots, cauliflower and celery.  Spanish Fort Best Family Dentist Near Me AL

Balsamic Vinegar  

This is a great healthy salad dressing, but it can darken the teeth.  How?  Well its naturally dark in color, but it also sticks to the teeth.  If you don’t want to give up eating this salad dressing, make sure to include some crunchy lettuce with it! #downbythebay


Berries are a great health benefit for you body.  They contain antioxidants, but they also have potential to stain the teeth.  Blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries are can stain.  It doesn’t matter if they are eaten whole, put in a smoothie, or are in jams or jellies. #sweetwaterdentist Don’t let them linger to long!  Drink plenty of water or finish with a glass of milk or serving of cheese.  Both can neutralize acid and help to strengthen teeth. 


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