Swollen Gums Fairhope AL

Swollen Gums Around One Tooth

When you are brushing and looking in the mirror, you may notice something in your mouth you never have before.  Totally common.  For example, a swollen gum around one tooth.  Is there anything you can do about this?  And why is it happening.  There are a few reasons; abscessed tooth, gum disease or improper brushing or flossing.

  1.  Dental Hygiene Mishap

If there happen to be swelling around just one tooth in the mouth, it may be because you didn’t brush it or floss around it correctly.  This leaves behind food debris that causes decay and inflammation.  Over time, this causes gum disease.  Be on the lookout for pale, red, or swollen gums as well as any bleeding, pus coming from the tooth, loose tooth, or persistent bad breath and taste.   

  1. Gum Disease

A very common culprit for a swollen gum around one tooth is gum disease.  Almost half of adults in the United States that are 30 years and older have some form of gum disease.  Early symptoms show up as red and swollen gums that don’t necessarily hurt, but will bleed.  When the disease progresses, it can cause loose teeth due to gums that are pulling away. Swollen Gums Fairhope AL

  1. Abscessed Tooth

Having an abscessed tooth is a common cause of local gum swelling and can indicate that there is an infection in or around the tooth.  This often happens because of an untreated cavity that caused bacteria to spread throughout your tooth and infect it.   Swollen Gums Fairhope AL


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