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Alcohol Consumption and the Teeth

Moderate alcohol consumption can be part of a healthy lifestyle, alcohol is not considered healthy.  The reputation comes from both the short and long term effects it has on the body and your health—from the brain, to blood sugar, to the liver. 

We’ve heard the effects it can have on the above statement, but what about its effects on the gums, mouth tissue, and teeth?  The CDC defines moderate alcohol use as one drink a day for women, and no more than 2 drinks a day for men.  Heavy drinking is considered to be more than eight drinks a week for women, and 15 or more for men.  Gum disease, tooth decay and mouth sores are much more likely to appear in heavy drinkers.  Alcohol abuse is the second most common risk factor for oral cancer. 

If you like mixing liquor with dark sodas or drinking red wine, you can also say goodbye to a white smile. 

A person who suffers from alcohol dependency also tends to have a higher plaque level on their teeth and are also three times more likely to suffer from permanent tooth loss. Teeth Cleaning Daphne AL

There isn’t much conclusive medical evidence that suggests moderate drinkers are at risk for serious tooth and mouth disease.  Dentists, however, say that they do see the effects of moderate drinking regularly. 

Staining is very common with those who drink alcohol.  The color in beverages comes from chromogens.  Chromogens attach to the tooth’s enamel that has been compromised by the acid in alcohol, thus, staining the teeth.  A great way to bypass this is to drink your favorite drink, with a straw.  Teeth Cleaning Daphne AL


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