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Xylitol, The Decay-Preventive Sweetener

Xylitol is natural sugar alcohol that can help prevent cavities.  There are other sugar alcohols that you can find in sugarless products like mannitol and sorbitol, but Xylitol has shown the greatest promise for cavity prevention.  


It is an equal in sweetness and volume to regular sugar.  The granular form can be used in so many different ways, but also just like sugar is used!  It can sweeten cereals and hot beverages like tea and coffee.  It also can be used in baking (unless sugar is needed for yeast to rise).  


So how does it help to prevent cavities?  Xylitol can inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes cavities.  The bacteria, Streptococcus mutans can not use the Xylitol to grow.  After Xylitol is used for a period of time, the quality of bacteria in the mouth will change and fewer decay-causing bacteria will survive on the tooth’s surface.  


Plaque will for less and also the level of acid that attacks the tooth’s surface is lowered.  Streptococcus Mutans is passed from parent to newborn children.  This is the beginning growth of the decay producing bacteria in the child.  When mother uses xylitol regularly, it has been shown to significantly reduce the bacteria transmission.  This results in fewer cavities for the child.  Teeth Cleaning Daphne AL


So where is the sugar found?  Xylitol is most often found in chewing gum and mints.  Look at list of ingredients to find out if it contains Xylitol.  For it to be at decay-preventing levels, it must be listed as the first ingredient.  Health food stores usually are a great resource for xylitol containing products.  There are also companies that provide xylitol products on the internet.  


For Xylitol to be effective, in gum or mints, it must be used 3 to 5 times a day, for a total of 5 grams consumed.  Frequency and duration of exposure is important—-so gum must be chewed for 5 minutes and mints should dissolve.  Teeth Cleaning Daphne AL


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