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Caring for you infant is a parent’s top priority!  We want what is best for them, and want them to have the brightest future! 

Breastfeeding is a great way to provide the best nutrients for a baby, but research now shows that a mom breastfeeds for more than 2 years, they could be putting their babies teeth at risk for cavities in the future.

There are not many studies that have been done that look into how breastfeeding, bottle feeding or sugar consumption affect children’s risk for cavities.  But there was a study done to examine whether the length of breastfeeding alone is a risk factor for cavities.  The study was performed in Pelotas, Brazil, among 1,129 children. 

According to the study, children went to a dentist at age 5, where they were evaluated for filled, decayed and missing primary tooth surfaces for severe cavities.  Around one quarter had severe cavities, six or more filled, decayed or missing tooth surfaces.  Those that were breastfed for two years or more, had double the risk of severe cavities than those that were breast-fed for under a year. Teeth Cleaning Fairhope AL

There are some reasons that explain this.  Children who are exposed to breast-feeding beyond the 24 month mark, are usually breastfed on demand and at night.  There  is also a higher frequency of breast feeding and nocturnal breast feeding on demand that make it very difficult to clean the teeth during this specific time period. 

All of this is NOT to say that breast-feeding doesn’t have benefits for teeth.  During this research, it was also discovered that babies who are breast fed for just six months are 72% less likely to develop crooked teeth. 

Recommendations for Breast Feeding vary:  The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests to breast feed for one year and then re-asses.  The World Health Organization suggests to breast feed for as many as two years or more.  Teeth Cleaning Fairhope AL


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