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What’s that Smell?

You are sitting next to someone….maybe on on airplane?  Or your carpool to work……and their breath is terrible!  


Bad breath, or in medical terms, Halitosis, is a common condition and often such an embarrassment for someone to deal with.  Often times, people who suffer from Halitosis, are not aware of their bad breath.  There are many causes, but the most common is lack of good oral hygiene.  


Brushing every day and flossing regularly along with dental checkups and cleanings will be your best bet to preventing bad breath.  But when bad breath persists, even when good oral hygiene is practiced, there may be another reason for the mouth odor.  If that is the case, contacting your dentist or medical physician should be a priority.  


Odor may come from the air you exhale.  Eating aromatic foods, like garlic and onions, are often a main cause of breath odor.  Any food that is absorbed into the bloodstream is then transferred to the lungs, where it is then expelled.  Most of the time, with these foods, the odor is still recognizable.  Brushing and flossing along with mouthwash will only mask the odor temporarily.  The odor will still make its way back up the esophagus and is expelled during talking and breathing.  Teeth Cleaning Fairhope AL


If the odor is coming from the lungs or sinus, it also can contribute to bad breath.  A sinus infection, bronchitis or any other respiratory tract infection can sometimes be detected through breath odor.  Post-nasal drip that collects in the back of the throat can also be  a source of bad breath.  


Using mouthwash can help wash away fluids that coat the throat, and help to reduce the odor.  Teeth Cleaning Fairhope AL


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