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Foods and Habits That Stain Your Teeth

Struggling with not having that bright smile that you’ve always dreamed about?  It’s time to start thinking about what you put in your mouth.  Teeth staining can occur with smoking, but also eating and drinking certain things.  The staining seems to happen more as you age.  Know what to eat and what to avoid…..and this will go a long way in helping to keep your pearly white teeth bright and shiny! 

The tooth enamel changes as you get older.  Think of a piece of pottery---it will get super fine lines over time.  Stain will then get into those little cracks and crevices. 

These three things effect the teeth’s enamel (and not in a good way!)

  •  Chromogens.  This is a compound with strong pigments.  It clings to the enamel.
  •  Tannins.  This is a plant based compound and it makes it easier for stains to stick to the teeth.
  •  Acids.  This softens the tooth’s enamel, causing it to become rougher.  The rougher the tooth, the easier stain sets in. 


Most think the main cause of darkened teeth in the United States would be that wonderful smelling drink you brew for yourself in the morning.  More than 50% of Americans drink coffee every day.  Just by the color, you can tell that it is high in chromogens---and it is also very acidic.  These two mixtures together, overtime, will turn the teeth from white to yellow. Teeth Whitening Fairhope Alabama

But coffee isn’t the worse culprit.  It’s actually Tea.  Again, almost 50% of Americans drink tea every day.  Tea is full of acid…..but also tannins.  Doesn’t matter if the tea is iced or hot……tea causes staining. 

If you drink coffee or tea only after a Sunday dinner---you are far less likely to have stained teeth.  If you drink three cups in the morning, chances are…..staining will eventually set in.  Teeth Whitening Fairhope Alabama


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