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Healthier Lunch for Healthier Teeth



Have you ever thought about how much sugar is in the lunch you eat?  A lunch from home is often cheaper and healthier then the school cafeteria, but that all depends on what you put in it.  If you want your kids to eat a healthy lunch, try these tips! 

  1.  No to Applesauce

A cup of applesauce is practical and portable, but this snack is loaded with natural and added sugar, both which promote cavities.  Try a small container of cottage cheese instead!  You can toss in some blueberries or sliced strawberries for extra flavor!

  1.  Choose REAL fruit

Fruit snacks and even fruit leathers are super popular to kids, but not to their dentist!  This sticky snack clings to the teeth and encourages plaque to build up.  Eat the real fruit instead!  Slices of bananas, apples or strawberries are a great option.  Or choose a no-prep option like grapes or mandarin oranges. 

  1.  Plain Milk   Teeth Whitening in Mobile AL

Milk is a great source for calcium.  But a flavored milk like chocolate or strawberry contain added sugars that lead to tooth decay.  Opt for regular milk to cut out the unnecessary sugar.  If the milk needs to be “more fun”, add a drop of food coloring!  If milk isn’t something they love, give them water and try string cheese instead for a good source of calcium. 

  1. Skip Starchy Snacks

Salty snacks like pretzels, chips and crackers are delicious and may even seem okay because they are low in sugar.  But simple starches are just as bad as sweets and sometimes can even be worse.  They break down into sticky good and coat the teeth, causing cavities.  If they love crunchy snacks, try sunflower seeds, almonds or baby carrots.  Teeth Whitening in Mobile AL


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