The Beauty Of Living In Fairhope Alabama

Best Town For Families

When it comes to some of the most beautiful places in the USA, many people don't think about looking at Alabama, however, the state is known for having a huge number of beautiful cities and towns and for not being crowded, giving people who live within it space to enjoy their lives. This is particularly true about the people who live in Fairhope Alabama, a small city with a population of a little less than 20,000 in the last census. This small town feel is aided by the neighborly actions of the community and an extremely low crime rate. 

Fairhope ALThe area surrounding Fairhope is quite open and flat, with a large number of different plants and animals calling it their home as well. From hunting to fishing and exploring nature, anyone who loves to be outside will find that they feel at home in this city. There are groups for every activity that involves the outdoors and many people find that they are more than happy to spend time with their neighbors once they have gotten to know them. People who are new to the area are often shown parts of the town that they would have never known existed unless they were shown. 

Fairhope AL is great for children

The school district in the area has been praised on a national level a few different times, with better teachers than most people would imagine being brought in by the simple charms of the city and the people within it. The school system makes sure to stress the importance of a good education to all children in the area, making sure that they have a high graduation rate and providing them with the resources that they need to get ahead in life. Most teachers are also equipped to work with students who want to attend college once they have graduated. 

The sports teams in the area are quite impressive as well, with coaches who have been handpicked for the commitment to the sports that they coach. This means that fans of casual sporting events will always be able to find a good game during the fall and spring. Everyone in the area loves to get together and support the local teams as they take on the rest of the region. 

Prices within the area are well below the national average and are much cheaper than cities even 100 miles from Fairhope AL. This is because the area is much smaller but still has found a way to offer everything that is necessary for a happy life. Right now property in the area is quite cheap, encouraging people to buy into the area while it is still developing. 

Anyone who is looking for a little slice of Americana where they can get to know their neighbors and raise a family while still having their own space would do well to check out Fairhope Alabama and to see everything that it has to offer. Even during a visit, most people are surprised how welcoming the city can be.

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