Tips for helping children to overcome a dental fear in Fairhope, AL


Tips for kids overcome a dental fear in Fairhope, AL:

Within the last decade, investigators throughout the world have reported that 6% to 22% of children have dental fear. The range of reported prevalence reflects differences in the populations of children studied. The etiology of dental fear in children is multifactorial. However today we will speak how to help children to avoid the dental fear.

There are some helpful tips to help your kids to overcome the fear of dentist.

Firstly, take a good care of you children teeth.
 Even if your baby doesn’t have teeth, you should clean his gums with a baby toothbrush, finger cot or wet cloth after each feeding. Introducing good oral hygiene at an early age prepares kids for examinations and cleanings later on. It’s also very helpful to see the dentist before the first birthday.
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children visit the dentist when the first tooth erupts or by age one.

Secondly, try to talk with your children about dental visits. 
Read a book about going to the dentist, explain what to expect or tell your kids about your own positive experience. Some kids will also like to practice their dentist visit at home.
Have your kids sit in a recliner or on the couch and pretend to examine and clean their teeth at home so they’ll know what to expect.

Also stay always positive about dentistry.
 Regardless of your own past experiences or how you feel about the dentist now, make it a positive time for your kids. Avoid talking about pain or discomfort and emphasize how healthy their teeth will be, for example. Dr. Phillip Greer also recommends going to the office before your child’s appointment so he can meet the staff and the dentist so he can see that there’s nothing to be scared of.  

Lastly, but not the least, get help.
 If you’re too anxious to bring your child to the dentist, ask your partner, another family member or a friend to take her. The worst thing a parent can do is teach that fear to their child.


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